This is our Covenant. It applies to all our regions.

There is only one difference between each covenant in each region: the Theme of the land.

Please respect it.

As new data protection regulations generally come into the WWW, and because we are using Casper rental system, we are obliged to inform our tenants about this: Our privacy policy is simple: We don't give (or sell) any information to any third parties. Information about your Second Life avatar name, payments and rental times will be stored in a database for our own use ONLY. This document sets out the privileges, rights, expectations, and obligations of renters of Kima Dinzel Properties. Prospective renters should read this covenant carefully and be sure they understand it thoroughly before renting land in our regions. Upon renting parcels from Kima Dinzel Properties, the individual agrees to comply with all terms and conditions outlined in this covenant. Failure to comply with the covenant can result in eviction and loss of the property without refund or compensation. Any questions about the content of this document or the meaning of any of its provisions should be addressed to the Owner (Joshua Kimagawa). The estate owner reserve the right to change the terms of this covenant at any time without notice, although all reasonable efforts will be made to give residents some advance notice of planned changes as well as an explanation of why those changes are being made. We have a group "Kima-Dinzel Properties": secondlife:///app/group/b5fffd13-3bb6-e455-3bb4-9b05bef537d6/about We advise you to join this group as it will be much more efficient for us as management to inform the group rather than send individual notices to each renter. This will allow you to be aware of anything of interest concerning your living environment. Examples: - to know about changes or planned expansion - to know about events - to be in contact with the community of renters - to get help from other renters or the management staff NOTE: NO advertisements of a commercial nature will be tolerated in this group chat. This includes notices or mention of OTHER clubs and establishments that are NOT DIRECTLY linked to Kima Dinzel Properties. You MAY, however, advertise in this group chat of private or public events that are conducted in your RENTAL area. We do NOT wish to use our group to promote business that we are NOT directly affiliated with. BUYING LAND & TIER PAYMENTS: 1 - The land is set for sale for a small fee. This DOES NOT include any tier. Once you paid the land, you have two hours to go to our office (landmark provided when you buy a parcel) to pay your tier. You can pay from as many weeks as you want. One week is the minimum payement. 2 - Tier payments are due weekly. While we do provide a "grace" period, if we haven't heard from you within 48 hours after the tier is past due, we reserve the right to reclaim the land and return your items. We will attempt to reach you by IM twice and Note card once before doing this. If there are any extenuating circumstances that will prevent a resident from paying the tier on time, the estate owners should be informed of the situation in advance. The land rental system keeps positive and negative time for your land (for example if you are 2 days in arrears and pay for one week, your rental time will be 5 days). You can, at your own choice, pay the tier many weeks in advance, but we do not require you to do so. If you're going on vacation, it's wise to make sure you've covered your tier for the time period you're going to be gone. 3 - OUTGROW YOUR SPACE or Need to downsize - it's easy : Contact any Manager or Owner for assistance with this. We do not charge for this service. If available, you can rent another parcel and join them. 4 - WHERE TO PAY MY TIER: You will receive a landmark when you will buy your parcel, but if you lost it, check our website on the "Payment" page. 5 - No Refunds We do not refund once your rent is paid, whether you decide to leave before your rent time is up, or because you have been ejected for bad behaviour. KIMA DINZEL PROPERTIES MAINTENANCE & ASSISTANCE We pride ourselves on the quick turnaround in handling Resident Requests. Our goal is to handle all requests as fast as possible. If you have a question or need assistance, start with the Kima Dinzel Properties Group Chat or contact an Agent. You will be invited to the group after you purchase a parcel. If no one responds to Group Chat, please IM one of our Agent (Check our website in the "Support" page). Our IM's go to email and we'll see the request and make sure it's handled promptly. GENERAL: Parcels can be used for RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL with the following rules applying to all parcels: ANIMALS (all, breedable or not): 1 - Any breeding animals must be set to Phantom and No Movement (or be like the Meeroos and have that built in). 2 - Any non-breeding animals (Limit 3 per 1 4096m² parcel area) must be set to Phantom. If they can't be set to phantom, then you must pick them up when you're not on the sim to use them. Non-phantom animals get stuck when they move around and cause collisions, significantly degrading the sim performance. TERRAFORMING Terraforming is allowed on Kima Dinzel Properties, within the following limitations: a) Limited height of 45 meters higher than the existing terrain b) Limited lowering of the ground by no more than 20 meters from existing terrain VERY IMPORTANT : You MUST maintain a reasonable waterway (channel) between your parcel and neighboring parcels to keep that "beach" look. This rule only applies to Tropical/Beach themed regions. LAND SECURITY DEVICES 1 - You may use a security orb on any of our parcels. Please make sure it does NOT extend out into shared waterways or over your parcel lines. If you have questions, one of our estate managers will be glad to assist you in setting this up. Please add Kima Dinzel Properties staff members to your security orb so that we can assist you fully on your parcel. LAND SETTINGS 1 - Please deed your land to your own personal group if you wish to share land rights with others. To share land rights (Set Home, Create Objects, Terraform, etc) with your partner or friends, you need to DEED the land to your own group. Instructions for deeding the land can be found here: 2 - Set your parcels so that voice, sound, etc., don't spill over to neighboring parcels. You'll find this setting under WORLD at the top menu bar, choose PARCEL DETAILS, go to the SOUND tab, click the box right after "Sound:" that restricts gestures and object sounds to this parcel, then below that, under Voice, the box to Restrict Voice to the parcel. 3 - Please make sure the following settings are in place to protect your build and land: Go to WORLD, Parcel Details, Choose the OPTIONS Tab. Turn OFF "Edit Terrain" for Everyone (UNCHECK so there's no check mark in the box) Turn OFF "Build" for Everyone (UNCHECK so there's no check mark in the box) Turn OFF "Object Entry" for Everyone (UNCHECK so there's no check mark in the box) Leave on SCRIPTS. (Leave Check Mark in box) Doing this insures that strangers can not terraform your land or create/rez objects there. IMPORTANT: If you wish to use Autoreturn - be careful, as Autoreturn WILL RETURN everything that is not set to the group that owns the land. STRUCTURES a) Structures should be kept at a reasonable height, so that your build isn't in the sightline of the other parcels from the ground. Please consider the main THEME of the land. If it has a general tropical look, avoid to rez a grunge building for example. b) Off-Sim Items must be within your parcel lines so they don't extend into the neighbor's immediate view. AVOID MOUNTAINS! If all current residents agree, an offsim surround can be placed. Once that is in place, it can remain in place till its owner moves. c) Skyboxes are allowed but need to be placed higher than 1250 meters so you can't see them from the ground. GENERAL BUILDING AND LANDSCAPING STANDARDS FOR PARCELS Maintaining a visually attractive environment on Kima Dinzel Properties is to the benefit of all parcel owners and residents on the sims both for aesthetic reasons and to help maintain property values. The owner of Kima Dinzel Properties reserves the right to ask you to modify your build or landscaping if it's completely out of context with the surrounding areas or produces a visual eyesore. Don't create situations where your build could cause any issues with your neighbors. Also, respect your neighbor's privacy. FULL BRIGHT large objects, such as trees, bushes, fences, screens, etc, are NOT allowed. EXCEPT for Holiday TEMPORARY decorations (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) BEHAVIOR OF PARCEL OWNERS AND RESIDENTS 1. Owners and residents in Kima Dinzel Properties are expected to behave in a civil and friendly manner. No weapons are allowed to be utilized. Overtly aggressive behavior, repeated unwelcome trespass onto neighboring parcels, or stalking of any sort will not be tolerated and may be grounds for eviction from the estate and confiscation of land without refund or compensation. 2. The installation of any scanning or spying devices anywhere on the Estates beyond the borders of one’s own parcel, or the installation of any such device on one's own property that targets a neighboring parcel, shall be grounds for immediate eviction and confiscation of property without refund or compensation. 3. No Rabbit or Chicken Breeding allowed on any Kima Dinzel property without prior written approval of the owners. RESPONSIBILITY FOR ACTIONS BY OTHERS The Leasee who purchased the land is responsible for the actions of your guests. Please make sure that they don't travel onto other people's land or into their houses. Essentially, be a good neighbor and behave as you would in real life by respecting other individual's private property. IMPORTANT: We assume no liability for items that are lost by example a Rolling Restart from Linden Lab or a crash of the sim. You can take a look at the exact times of the Rolling Restarts on the website where Linden Lab also discourages from rezzing objects in these times. To reduce lag temprezzer are not allowed on the sims. Traffic Bots are not allowed on our regions. All other bots can be used in a reasonable manner. Traffic Games ARE NOT allowed, (example: Lindo, fishing games, etc). We reserve the right to ban objects that are causing lag. Thank you for choosing to live at Kima Dinzel Properties for your home or business in Second Life. The rules and expectations outlined above are designed for the benefit of all residents of the estate. If you ever have any questions about the provisions of this document or other questions about owning property and living on our estate, please feel free to contact us by IM or note card at any time. Joshua Kimagawa - Kima Dinzel Properties, AUGUST 2018