Every month you have a chance to win a PRIZE

(The Prize may vary from month to month)

This month: 1500 L$ cash.

The Raffle starts the 15th of each month and end on the 15th of the next month.

To enter the Raffle, you need to be in our group "Kima Dinzel Properties".
If you are not in the group yet, please ask a manager or the owner to invite you.
(See Support Menu Option)

You also need to have our Office in your Profile's Picks!

Here is how to do it:

1. Go in our Office
2. Open your Profile, and go to the Picks tab
3. On the top of the window, click "New..."
4. You will have a window showing places to enter a title and a description.

5. REPLACE the title with this: ! RENTALS

6. REPLACE the description with the following: (just copy/paste)

Kima Dinzel Properties, At your service since 2014! Parcel rentals of quality at fair prices with a great customer service! Starting at 0.80 L$ / prim only!!!! Available parcels: Issues? Questions? Contact directly Joshua Kimagawa. English & French support. Come in our office to see who is online. You still can send us an offline IM, we will come online ASAP! Do not hesitate to contact us! Click the Teleport button below to TP to our office:

7. Click on the "SAVE Pick" button bellow
8. You are now ready to enter the Raffle every month!
9. Click the Raffle Board to enter! You can do it once a month, from the 15th of each month!
(Make sure you are wearing your Kima Dinzel Properties group tag)

The winner will be announced in a group notice every 15th of the month!
GOOD LUCK everybody!

Only one contestant per rental. If you have subtenant(s), decide who will enter the raffle,
but only one per rental. More than one entry would cancel your elligibility to win!